Kamis, 05 Februari 2015

Taylor Swift Breast Implants and Nose Job

Lots of artists and celebrities who want to change his appearance to gain public sympathy and attention. As a member of SNSD with their plastic surgery face. But not infrequently if the changes they did became a byword among the public.

That's what happened and experienced by Taylor Swift, chest slightly altered appearance seems to be the byword among many people. Due to the charming appearance singer of 'I Know You Were Trouble' is rumored to have enlargement her breast. Actually she also has Nose job,
(Taylor Swift Nose Job)

Said Dr. Michael Fiorillo told InTouch magazine after he saw changes in chest Taylor Swift at the People's Choice Awards event held last week. The doctors believe that Taylor Swift has done something against her breast.

Taylor Swift appearance chest slightly different and charming doctor seems to make this one convinced that Taylor Swift has done breast augmentation. "You can see him wearing the implant," Fiorillo said.

As media reported, Taylor Swift allegedly increases the size of her breast of cup sizes A to B. From the photo above, visible difference in the shape of the chest Taylor Swift who was wearing a white dress. Taylor Swift breast look fuller and sexier. Did Taylor Swift has done the breast operation.

Rumors circulated that the Taylor Swift Breast Implants performed after he broke up with her boyfriend, Harry Styles. Then, if the boob job is one form of release and how to heal a broken heart in the style of Taylor Swift ?.

Do you also want to try the Taylor Swift to heal a broken heart. Maybe some changes in your breast shape will make you more charming as well as Taylor Swift.

Rabu, 04 Februari 2015

Botox Injection

Axl Rose has been known as the leader and founder of Guns N 'Roses (along with Tracii Guns in 1985). GNR Axl figure in the body so dominant, he is controlling all the storylines every GNR "start adventures".

Axl Rose has the authoritarian nature, selfish, and with emotional outbursts. Not infrequently friends sebandnya exposed to spray "ruthlessness" Axl. That is why Guns N 'Roses broke up, because friends can not stand anymore sebandnya on perilakuan Axl Selfish. There are resigned, there were fired, and there is also coming out with Axl because of differences of opinion about where the next direction of music GNR.

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery, besides selfish, emotional and authoritarian, in recent years Axl Rose reportedly had plastic surgery to support his performance that is not handsome young first time. and one of them is Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Botox Injection.

In Guns N 'Roses, Axl is the creator and author of the song. Axl blessed with the ability to change his voice to three times while singing and also can sing while running to and fro, a hallmark of the GNR Axl her any singer can not be replaced if he quit the band. But, that does not mean he's just the most important in the body of Guns N 'Roses.

One more important figure is the guitarist in GNR GNR, Slash. According to his fans: "Guns N 'Roses together with Slash. Without Slash, GNR same as losing "his Guns". He GNR actual color with a rebound superclass and the way he plays the guitar ".

Minggu, 01 Februari 2015

Lil Kim Fatal Mistake

Plastic surgery is not always successful. There is also the result of plastic surgery that makes patients more devastated. This applies to the celebrities.

Every effort ranging from Botox to liposuction became a fatal mistake. There are some of the celebrity plastic surgery results failed miserably.

Lil Kim plastic surgery is one of the bad celebrity plastic surgery examples. She appears so bad after several plastic surgery she underwent.

Lil Kim had disappeared from the music scene for some time. But while back, Lil Kim's face changed drastically. Her chin becoming longer and the shape of his face changed completely so strange.

Jumat, 30 Januari 2015

Kim Kardashian Looks Difference

As one of the most popular Hollywood stars today, everything about Kim Kardashian will always steal the show other than Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery as well as his performance. Whether it's about romance with Kanye West, as well as the development of tiny baby, North West.

Not only that, the fashion tastes owned by Star KEEPING UP WITH THE Kardashian is also not been spared from the target camera media. Always look sexy and open, thought it has become his trademark. However, this is not the time.

In a photo shoot for LOVE Magazine, Kim appeared very different, not because of her having plastic surgery (Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery). Instead of sexy and seductive, she actually looks scary to pose this terrible time, as reported by the Daily Mail.

In these portraits, you can clearly see what Kim looks so different. This sensational star posing in a public phone booth with a terrible face.

Gaze so empty and the more frightening because of the makeup makeup really dark. Moreover, the blonde eyebrows succeeded in creating a sense of mystery within the 34-year-old woman.

As she picked up the phone, Kim also holds a burger in her right hand.

Senin, 26 Januari 2015

Meg Ryan, Hollywood actress who Conducts Surgery

Everyone would agree if Hollywood actresses mostly have flawless and youthful face. However, some actresses of Hollywood beauty is not separated from the interference of plastic surgery experts. Who are the "plastic doll" in Hollywood?

No need to wonder if the smile Meg Ryan is now no less captivating with a smile when still young. Not only eradicate wrinkles around the mouth, supposedly Meg also been sharped her nose. Star The City of Angel movie is also undergoing cosmetic surgery botox and collagen injections, plus blepharoplasty (eyelid tuck plastic surgery for the eyes) that form more beautiful eyes.

For a woman who ruled the 80s and early 90s with a beautiful charm, Meg Ryan does not seem to look more beautiful after plastic surgery. Many fans are expecting Meg Ryan once.
Meg Ryan plastic surgery is the reason for her bad appearance.

Meg Ryan also are seen pressure to look young forever since entry into Hollywood. Ultimately the Meg Ryan was handed himself under plastic surgery.

Meg Ryan doing botox injections in her cheeks. He also changed the shape of her lips that look full. Unfortunately, these changes make Meg Ryan look so strange. Meg Ryan's lips sometimes be like Batman's nemesis, the Joker.

Megan Fox Transformation

Megan Fox is often rumored to perform plastic surgery. But the 28-year-old actress claims, face taut and smooth obtained from facial treatments every week.

Stars 'Transformer' it said, is very important to pamper yourself with a facial treatment weekly. Megan Fox plastic surgery was involving her favorite facial treatment, oxygen facials.

"I do not have time to do a mask, but I like oxygen facial treatment. I do it once a week, very important downloading facial steam and remove toxins," Megan said, as quoted by Female First.

To keep her skin, Megan avoid make-up while at home. When out of the house too, the actress who is married to actor Brian Austin Greene just use make-up thin.

"I do not use make-up when I'm not working, but I would go with my husband. I use a moisturizer with a lip gloss and mascara thick," said Megan.
Physically, the community identifies J-Law with Megan Fox because they are sexy lips flushed. But it is common knowledge that Megan Fox getting the lips because plastic surgery. And oh, not just lip, but also nose, eyelids and cheekbones.